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Packing Supplies


Although getting the right Moving Boxes is a key ingredient to a hassle-free move, there are other moving supplies that can make or “break” your move and protect your goods against dust, dirt, stains and water damage.

Packing supplies are an important part of making sure that those smaller items get to your new destination in one piece; newsprint, bubble wrap for breakable pieces, furniture pads, stretch wrap, mattress covers, sofa covers, labels, box markers, and packing tape.

Here’s a more detailed look at what Major Move recommends to make sure your valuables are protected;


Mattress Bags are usually made of a low slip plastic with vent holes. Mattress bags and furniture covers keep your mattress free of dirt, dust or water damage. It’s amazing how dust can settle deep into mattress or furniture fibers during a move or while in storage. For allergy sufferers, or for anyone sensitive to dust, mattress bags and plastic furniture covers are an absolute must. Mattress Bags are also great at protecting large pictures and mirrors.

Mattresses are heavy items to move and If you’ve ever tried moving a mattress and box spring before you have probably stood it on end and dragged it across the floor. This is typical. With a good quality mattress bag on your mattress, you can lift the mattress by grabbing hold of the plastic and there are no worries about dragging the mattress across the floor – there’s no damage to the mattress or the floor.

The other thing to keep in mind is that most moving or rental trucks are probably not kept that clean and that means a lot of dirt, dust and bugs can be transferred from the floor of the truck to your belongings. Using a mattress bag and furniture covers will ensure that your mattress and box spring along with your furniture is kept clean throughout the move.

Major Move offers the following Protective Covers:

Mattress Bags Size Thickness Details
Queen/Full/Single 61″(width) x 15″ (depth) x 90″ (length) 2 Mils For pillow top mattresses
King 76″(width) x 15″ (depth) x 90″ (length) 2 Mils For pillow top mattresses


Furniture Covers Size Thickness Description
Queen/Full/Single 61″(width) x 15″ (depth) x 90″ (length) 2 Mils  
Chair 76″ (width) x 46″ (length) 2 Mils  
Sofa 45″ (width) x 142″ (length) 2 Mils  
Picture 30″(width) x 48″ (length)) 4 Mils  

While your everyday clothes may stand-up to the rigors of a move, your formal and valuable clothes may not be “well-suited” for the test. Plastic garment bags are an excellent low-cost way to shield your clothes from the dust and dirt that they can take-on through a move.

Garment bags Size Thickness Details
Short – (shirts, blouses, pants) 76″ (width) x 46″ (length) 2 Mils  
Long – (Dresses, coats) 45″ (width) x 142″ (length) 2 Mils  

Stretch wrap is a plastic film that wraps around your belongings and protects against shifting during storage and transportation. It is also effective at protecting products from breakage, dirt, dust, water damage and furniture scratches.

Major Move carries two sizes of stretch wrap:

Stretch Wrap Size Thickness Details
Short with Mini Handle 5″ (width) x 250’ft (length) 1.8 Mils  
Long – (Dresses, coats) 12″ (width) x 1450′ (length) 1.8 Mils  


Bubble Wrap is Ideal for protecting glass and other fragile items. Major Move carries a standard size of Bubble Wrap (12″ (wide) x 50ft. (length)and is perforated every 12″ for easy tear off or it can be packaged in individual sheets. Sizes may vary but it easily cuts to any desirable size with scissors. Typically, Bubble Wrap is only wrapped once around the fragile item and the small pockets of air act as a protective cushion in the event of moving shocks, bumps or any drops received on the outside of the moving box.


Aside from boxes, Packing Tape is the most important part of your moving supplies. It is literally the “glue” that keeps everything together; from moving boxes to Bubble Wrapped items.Major Move offers Packing Tape in a standard clear transparent colour and has a size of 2″ (W) x 110’ft (L).


Cushion Foam is another great alternative for making sure that those small fragile items don’t break along the way.
Tape Gun for moving


While some self-movers try to get along without a Tape Guns; there is no question that having a good tape dispenser saves time and trouble. Major Move’s Tape Gun dispenses the standard 2″ wide roll and has an adjustable tension brake control with aneasy tilt and cut mechanism. Loading and re-loading is a breeze as well. Most good Tape Guns will cost in the range of $10-$15. Only Major Move gives you the option of renting a dispenser at a fraction of the purchase cost.


Having a Utility Knife on hand when un-packing makes it so much easier when opening boxes or cutting through tapes, bags and stretch wrap. Major Move carries both an economy and a premium Utility Knife to make sure the job gets done.


Newsprint is clean packing paper used to usually wrap dishes or any breakable or fragile objects. Packing paper come in 24″ x36″ sheets and is sold by 32 sheet increments. Newsprint is included in each of Major Move’s All-In-One Moving Packages so you have the right tools for the right move.


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Whether you want to tackle the big move alone or even if you call a professional moving company, using the proper packing supplies is highly recommended to give your possessions the protection they deserve. Serving the Greater Toronto area, Major Move offers a great selection of Packing Supplies to make sure your move is Perfect!