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All-in-One Moving Packages


Major Move understands that most people don’t move often enough to really know how much or what kind of supplies they’ll need.

That’s why Major Move takes the guess-work out of buying moving supplies by having these great All-in-One Packages that are customized to your specific size of home and include just about everything you’ll need.

From Student and Bachelor apartments to 5+ bedroom condos and houses, Major Move has an All-in-One Package that matches up to exactly what you’ll need to get the job done right.

Check out what our All-in-Onepackages look like:

Private Corporal Major
Major Box – Standard
Major Box – Large
Wardrobe Boxes
Dish & Glassware Boxes
Packing Supplies
Bubble Wrap
Stretch Wrap
Packing Tape
Tape Gun
Utility Knife
Garbage Bags
Shoe Covers
Rubber Bands
Plastic Poly Bags
Cable Ties
Moving & Lift Tools
4-Wheel Custom Box Dolly
Standard 2-Wheel Dolly
Furniture Pads/Blankets
Basic Tool Kit

*Packages vary in quantity according to home size selected

After selecting your home size from our menu, you will be presented with a customized package. Each package then comes in 3 different sizes (Private, Corporal & Major), according to quantities, to make sure we got you covered.

Major Move knows that although our All-in-One Packages are designed to meet most of your requirements, each home may have some additional needs. That’s where our Perfect Your Package section comes in. Major Move even allows you to further customize the package by selecting some additional items you may need so that you can be sure that you’ve got everything covered.

Unless you really enjoy “dumpster-diving” of “begging for boxes”, there is an easier way to get moving supplies in Toronto. With Major Move you never leave home – simply place your order online, schedule your dates & we’ll deliver and pick up – and it’s absolutely FREE within the GTA.