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Individual All-Purpose Moving Boxes

Moving-specific boxes serve not only to protect your goods during a move but, also to save time and money in packing and transit. When an assortment of other types of boxes is used in a move, it usually means that more effort and time is spent wrapping and taping belongings as well as organizing the truck.


While “dumpster-diving” at the local grocery store or “begging for boxes” at work may seem like it will save a few bucks, you have to be aware of the potential risks involved that may end up costing you a whole lot trouble.


Cardboard boxes are constructed with corrugated sheets that are glued together with a cushion in between – called a “flute”. The area in between these sheets is a desired warm place for all sorts of insects to live and breed.


If your boxes have been laid away in a storage facility or a colder damp environment, then its likely that the boxes have attracted spiders and cockroaches in side the flutes.


While its great that some grocery stores let you have boxes for free, you have to be aware that cardboard is quite absorbing and that odors from produce will stay in the box and is likely to be transferred to your belongings.


Moving Boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of moving. Moving boxes come in either a single-wall or a double-wall thickness. Most boxes used for moving are a single-wall box and are 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test). Double-wall boxes are commonly used for heavier items like Flat Panel T.V’s or more delicate items.

Used boxes, especially those that have been wet or soiled at any time will lose their strength. In fact, used boxes may cost you a lot more in tape just to compensate for soft spots or cut areas.


It is unlikely that your “dumpster diving” efforts will serve up a bunch of consistently sized boxes that are the perfect size for your belongings. Packing the truck will become a nightmare as you will spend more time figuring out the “rubik’s cube” of stacking boxes than packing.

The best advice is to simply use new moving boxes to avoid any unwanted “guests” inside your new home. New boxes are also consistent in size and allow you to pack and stack with ease.

If you do plan to use used cardboard boxes for your move, make sure that you unpack them outside or in the garage and dispose of them as soon as possible.