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Bubble Wraps & Newsprint Supplies

Extra space in a box is usually the reason why many items shift during transportation and sometimes break. This is typically caused by placing items into the wrong over-sized box or by not properly packaging the item and protecting it from shock.

When it comes to protecting fragile or delicate items from chipping or breaking, Bubble Wrap and Newsprint are literally worth every penny.

Major Move has everything you’re looking for in Bubble wrap and Newsprint to make sure your move doesn’t turn into a disaster.



Small air pockets in Bubble Wrap provide ideal cushioning for delicate items such as; dishes, glasses, or pictures, and help prevent against damage from shocks, drops or bumps. Bubble wrap is simply wrapped around items giving multiple layers of cushioning and protection. Major Move bubble wrap comes in a standard width of 12″ with lengths of 25’ft, 50’ft. and 100’ft. with perforated wholes every 12″ so you can easily tear 1 sheet 12″ x 12″ or use scissors to cut an exact length. Bubble wrap is also perfect for wrapping valuables like expensive electronics, T.V’s, stereos, D.V.D players etc. and also paintings, sculptures and crystal glasses.


Newsprint is another important product that helps ensure the safe passage of your belongings. Use newsprint to tightly wrap your glasses or dishware to ensure that it won’t move around or break during the move. Newsprint is the more affordable way of protecting your belongings during a move. Perfect for glasses, dishware and china sets, will keep your dishes clean and free of the dirt that goes along with moving. Our newsprint, like our bubble wrap, comes in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The first is small, which is approximately 30 sheets, and is perfect for a small set of dishes or glasses that need to be tightly packed. The second is our medium sized newsprint, which includes approximately 60 sheets of newsprint. This size is prefect for an average amount of dishes and glasses that need to be moved from one location to another. The third is our large package. This includes approximately 100 sheets of newsprint and is perfect for a large amount of dishes and glasses.
Major Move has all the protective supplies you’ll need and if they’re not already included in one of your All-in-One packages, they can be purchased separately to perfect your package. If you need to protect your possessions and are moving in or around Toronto, Major Move has everything you’re looking for.