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Cardboard Box Bundles

So you may need a specific box and plenty of them; that’s why we developed the Box Bundles. Add them to our All-Purpose Packages for storage or use them for whatever – being able to purchase our All Purpose boxes in bundles of 10 makes perfect sense. If your buying in quantity then we can make sure you save.

Here’s a look at our Bundles:

Cardboard Box

10 CUBE BOX BUNDLE (12" X 12" X 12")

Cube boxes are the smallest moving boxes we provide at Major Move. These boxes are perfect for the smaller and heavier items, such as books. This bundle is perfect if you have a lot of small miscellaneous items in your house that you need to be stored or moved safely.
Cardboard Box

10 SMALL BOX BUNDLE (16" X 13" X 13")

Small boxes, like cube boxes, are good for small heavy items. These items include books, canned goods, small tools etc. With this bundle you will have room to fit your smaller belongings that you don’t have room for anywhere else.
Cardboard Box

10 MEDIUM BOX BUNDLE (18" X 18" X 16")

Medium boxes are good for your typical household belongings. These belongings include small appliances, toys, stereos etc. In the average house, there are a lot of average sized belongings that you may not have room for in other boxes. That is why we supply the medium box bundle that can ensure you have enough boxes to complete your move.
Cardboard Box

10 LARGE BOX BUNDLE (18" X 18" X 24")

This bundle includes 10 of our large boxes. These boxes are perfect for old bulky computer monitors, old T.V’s, etc. This size of box is also good for lighter weight items like lampshades, bed sheets etc.
Cardboard Box

10 EXTRA LARGE BOX BUNDLE (23" X 20" X 23")

The extra large box is the biggest moving box Major Move supplies. This box is for your items that are too big or bulky to fit in any other box. Not only is this box good for big and bulky items, it is also a perfect fit for comforters, pillows and small household appliances. Add this bundle to your All-In-One Moving Package to ensure maximum efficiency during and after your move.

So, if your cleaning out the garage, organizing the basement or just moving stuff to storage, Box Bundles offer great savings and don’t forget, Major Move deliver right to your door in the Greater Toronto Area.