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“We’re thrilled to provide outstanding moving products and support for our clients. Explore what our clients have to say about their Major Move experience, and please let us know how we helped with your move.”

“As a condo developer we are always looking for an effective closing gift for our purchasers. We’re very pleased with the response we’ve been getting with this offering.”

Scott MclellenScott McLellan SVP

“As a real estate agent, this is the perfect gift for my clients – its practical, its considerate and an online Gift Card makes it easy to get to them.”

Scott MclellenJoseph Tucci Sales Representative

“When my company moved its Toronto office, the supplies we received helped us keep everything organized during the move. Major Move saved downtime and increased productivity. I would recommend their service to any business owner.”

Joseph Sulpizi President & Chief Creative Director

“We handle confidential personal information for our clients. Having the right packing supplies and making sure these documents are moved in a well-organized manner is just good business.”

Sal Bagazzoli President


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