Just like moving from one residential space to another, moving offices can be a very challenging task, especially if you aren’t prepared beforehand. Additionally, failing to plan your commercial move can have many undesirable consequences. If you are looking for experience commercial movers in Etobicoke, then the pros at Major Move should be your first choice! There is no job too big or too little for Major Move, and we have all the necessary equipment to get the job done right! From moving office equipment to heavier bulkier items, we can get your commercial move done right, and in a timely manner! In this blog by Major Move, we take a look at some of the advantages of hiring commercial movers in Etobicoke! 

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Why should you hire a commercial mover in Etobicoke?

If you are moving to a new commercial location, chances are you’ve begun thinking about whether or not to use a relocation service. Hiring professional movers will not only increase your effectiveness and productivity, but also involves many other advantages. With commercial movers from Major Move, you can lower any risk of injury or damaged property. Broken, dented or lost items, injured employees, accidents when driving the rental truck, and in-transit damage to your property are all possibilities with a commercial move. All of these risks come with potentially high expenses. When you hire a reputable relocation service, you can rest assured that the movers are professionally registered and regulated. They have the experience and knowledge to avoid any costly mistakes or damage.

We ensure that you have the proper equipment for the job 

When it comes to commercial moving, as opposed to a residential move, you may require specialized equipment, including crates and/or cranes, to move furniture and other larger items.

Not only will finding these items on your own, be more expensive, you will most likely have to outsource from several vendors, instead of just one. In addition, using such equipment without the necessary knowledge can lead to serious injuries. Allow Major Move to get your commercial move done with the right equipment for your needs! 

Save money 

By saving time you’ll save money, but there are even more ways that office movers can save you some cash. If you need a storage unit to keep your things safe while you wait for that perfect location, choose a moving company with storage unit options. They are usually much cheaper if you hire their storage and relocation services at the same time. You’ll save money and keep your things ready for that new location. 

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