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Countless injuries occur each year due to moving related activities. Many of these are in fact due to the careless and improper lifting of large items. The following gives you some proven ways to help avoid the moving-day aches and pains.

1. Plan your lift

On your own or together with your lifting partner, plan the route and make sure there are no obstructions in your way. The last thing you need is to trip over something and injure yourself.

2. Near the body

Hold the piece close to your body. This will allow you to utilize your strength and increase stability in your lift. Ensure you have a tight grip on the piece of furniture being lifted. If not consider Major Move moving gloves.

3. Feet (2 feet) away from each other

Lower body support is essential when lifting. Keep your feet about 2 feet apart and proceed cautiously.

4. Lift with your legs and ensure that your back remains straight

You should never lift with your back, always use your legs. Your leg muscles are much stronger then your back muscles.

5. Squeeze those stomach muscles

Keep a good lifting position by tightening your stomach muscles. This will help keep as much pressure off of the spine.

6. Too heavy

If the item is too heavy for you, get some help. Back related injuries can bother you for the rest of your life.

7. Purchase/rent a back support/belt

If you are having trouble maintaining a good lifting position, wear a back belt. It will help keep your spine straight and prevent injury.