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When it comes time to move you will need to make sure you do it the safest way possible because lifting all those boxes and furniture could hurt your back. However, if you lift the items the correct way, then you will have nothing to worry about.

The first thing you will need to do regardless if you are lifting the object by yourself or with a helper is plan your route so you know which way you are going to go before you pick up the object. As you plan your route make sure there are no objects in the way that might make you trip or slow you down. If you have to move around an object that is in the way, you could hurt yourself. Simply clear the way first.

When you begin to lift the item, make sure you hold it close to your body. When you hold it close to you, you will not be straining to keep hold of the object and you will have less of a chance to drop it on your toes. Also by holding the object close to your body, you will be utilizing your strength and keeping the object more stable.

To make sure you do not hurt yourself you will need to make sure you use your lower body. The best way to use your lower body would be to keep your feet two feet apart from each other. With your feet apart from each other you will be more stable and you will use the lower portion of your body. Now you will begin to move cautiously forward with the lift and the move of the object.

When you begin to lift, lift with your legs and keep your back straight. DO not bend over and then lift the object. Bend at the knees, grab the object and lift straight up wards.
To keep this position it will be best if you keep your stomach muscles clinched and tight. By using your stomach muscles, you will be keeping most of the pressure off your spine so your back will not get hurt.

Most back related issues from moving come from the fact that you do not want to ask for help. If the object is too heavy, step away from your pride and ask for help.

Lastly if you have trouble keeping your back in a position that will be healthy for it, simply purchase a back brace that will help you keep your back straight and support your back while you are moving from one house to another.

Regardless of how you are going to move or how far you are moving, be safe and do it the right way.