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Actual Charges
The total cost of the move from start to finish.

Air Ride
The suspension system used on trailers and tractors instead of conventional springs, where the vehicle is supported and rides on rubber cylinders filled with compressed air for a safer ride.

Canadian Association of Movers
An organization of moving companies dedicated to the mutual interests of the transportation industry.

As is Agreement
An agreement stating the property is being sold in its present condition.

The process of taking household goods apart for transportation and putting them back together at destination.

Bill of Lading
The original shipping contract that lists the dates, services and actual charges involved in a move and the receipt for a customer’s belongings.

Binding Estimate
This program applies to residential and national account, household goods shipments moving within the U.S. (except for Hawaii) or to or from Canada. Under this pricing option, the move must occur within 60 days of the estimate. The charges are based upon the estimated weight and services noted on the estimate. Any additional destination or other charges that are not covered in the original estimate may be collected.

A company in the business of transporting goods between points for compensation.

A written report a customer files with All-Star Moving for payment for loss or damage to property that may have occurred while shipment was in possession of All-Star Moving.

The delivery of the deed after the terms of the contract have been met, making the buyer the official owner of the property.

Fulfilling the requirements on shipping documents and papers in accordance with government regulations.

Disassembled by Owner
Items are disassembled by owner rather than by All-Star Moving. All-Star Moving is not responsible for possible incorrect reassembly of these items.

An elevated section of a building that is level with a van for ease of loading and unloading.

En Route
On the way.

An approximate calculation of the size, value, cost and, especially, weight of a shipment or the cost of transportation and services.

Fuel Surcharge
A mechanism for distributing needed fuel-cost recovery revenue to van operators and haulers who are responsible for purchasing fuel. All-Star Moving NEVER charges additional fuel surcharges!

Gross Weight
The weight of the truck after a shipment has been loaded.

Household Goods (HHG)
Personal goods or property used or to be used in a home.

Interstate or Interprovincial Move
A shipment moving between two or more states or provinces.

Intrastate or Intra-provincial Move
A shipment moving within only one state or province.

Involuntary Lien
A lien that is imposed against a property by law without consent of the owner.

Local Move
A move within a particular geographical area like a town or district instead of a state or country.

Log Book
A daily record of the hours worked and the route traveled by a van operator.

Net Weight
The actual weight of a shipment obtained by subtracting the tare weight from the gross weight.

Packed By Carrier
Moving company packs the goods at origin.

Packed By Owner
The owner packs the goods at origin.

Either the services or the material required to prepare a shipment for safe transportation and handling.

Packing List
A detailed listing of all packed items in a shipment. It is often combined as one document form with the inventory.

Blanket-like padded material used for covering articles of furniture during a shipment.

Pre-Existing Damage
Damage that already existed on an item before being shipped.

Scale Ticket
A voucher providing the weigh scale reading for tare weight and/or gross weight of a van.

Tara Weight
The weight of a truck before a shipment is loaded, including all essential loading equipment and packing materials.

Traffic Management Officer. Typically refers to the office that coordinates moves within different branches of the military from one base to another.