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Moving glass tops can be quite a tricky procedure – after all, large pieces of glass usually come with a “Fragile” box!

If you are looking to move a glass top then your best bet of ensuring it’s safe delivery to its destination, especially if it’s going in the back of a large truck where it has plenty of room to move around, is to wrap it up. Wrapping gives an extra layer of protection and take away from that guarantee that you will damage the glass top in transit.

To do this effectively, you are going to need a few simple tools that you can pick up directly from Major Move. Start by picking up

  • Moving Pads
  • Packing Tape

To get started, place the moving pads on the floor and make sure that the surface you place them on is totally flat! Depending on the size of the glass top that you are moving, you might need assistance from someone in safely placing the glass on the moving pad in a balanced way. Avoid resting any glass on a corner – it’s asking for an accident.

Next, you want to start folding the moving pads to cover up the entire piece of glass. If you need more moving pads to cover the whole piece then so be it – it’s worth the expense, trust us. Once wrapped up efficiently, pick up each side gently and then one at a time start to tape each side over so that it sticks together effectively.
Take the glass out to the moving truck and place it on the walls of the truck. You should be using a truck that has straps to secure items like this to the wall, for further security. Place something up against the piece to minimize or outright stop any movement during transport. So long as you take care and appreciate the delicate nature of what you are doing, moving a glass top does not need to be such a drama – regardless of the size.

Just take your time when driving – any sudden movements can cause you to damage more than your driving pride!