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Building A Home Inventory

All of your belongings and valuables are about to be moved, so its important to itemize everything, in the event of damage or misplacement. This will also help you organize the move and provide a record for your insurance company.


  • find a good online photo storage site to store all the pictures
  • organize photos by groups of similar items
  • be sure to take individual photos of all valuables such as jewelry, heirlooms or prized possessions.
  • take a wide angle picture of rooms
Inventory List
  • detail in writing all items room-by-room
  • make sure to include all fixtures, window treatments and the inside of closets and cabinets
  • collect and start a file of all warranties, receipts and owner’s manuals
  • record serial numbers, models, manufacturer & proof of purchase
  • include items in basement, garage & attic
  • print out a couple of copies of the inventory list
  • attach list to boxes to help identify what’s inside