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Major Move knows how to pack a truck and would love to tell you how. It’s arguably the most important thing to get right when the time comes for you to move yourself and your family.

Pack it right and your move goes smoothly. Pack it wrong and you just might find yourself at The Brick or Leon’s buying the same stuff you used to own and had no intention of purchasing again. Let’s get it right and here’s how to do it.

  1. Major Move recommends starting with the mattresses, box springs, large mirrors, headboards, and bed frames first. Strap these items along the side-wall, standing upright, towards the front of the cab. This will allow you to get the large and awkward items out of the way. Make sure you use Major Move mattress covers to prevent any rips and tears to your mattress and box spring.
  2. You can now cancel your day at the gym because it’s time to move the largest and heaviest items. This includes appliances such as; the oven, washer/dryer, fridge, dressers, etc. These pieces should be placed against the wall closest to the front of the truck. Do not change their general standing positions and make sure to place Major Move moving pads over top of all furniture to prevent from any rubbing or scratching. Be sure to keep the truck adequately balanced by distributing the weight of your items on each side of the truck. Placing Major Move wardrobe boxes over top of the appliances and furniture is a fantastic idea.
  3. Since we’re still on the subject of heavy items, all heavy boxes should now be placed on the floor and should not be stacked higher than ½ or ¾ the height of the truck’s box. Use the rest of the height for lighter boxes. Remember, heaviest boxes on the bottom lightest on the top.
  4. Fill any holes with loose items like, pillows, clothing in bags etc.
  5. Next, use the other side-wall to place your couch up against it (back to the wall.) If you have a love seat or chair, place them on top of the couch, upside down so that the back is not facing the wall. Make sure to use Major Move couch, love seat and chair covers to prevent form dirt and tearing.
  6. At this point your packing job looks like a masterpiece. Unfortunately that will change towards the end, as all of the small awkward items are left like chairs, big toys, patio furniture, barbecue etc. Make sure to use lot’s of Major Move moving pads between and on top of these items to prevent any damage from occurring.
  7. Place the nicely wrapped fragile items at the end.
  8. Follow these 7 steps, purchase all the right Major Move equipment and all your belonging should arrive looking the exact same way as they looked when they were first placed on the truck.