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When you’re looking to get on the move, you need to pack your things up and go. But it’s not that easy, you need to be organized and take some steps. These steps will help you keep things organized and protected. Who knows how many things you own can get broken by simply not taking the right steps while packing your things? Here are 16 essential packing tips:

1. Sort it out

Go through your house, check every room, and decide what you want to keep, and what goes away.

2. The box matter

Small heavy items should go into small boxes, while large, bulky and lightweight items should go into the large boxes.

3. Fragile items

Label every fragile item you have, and identify the sides.

4. Room by room

Focus on one room at a time, don’t try to do it all at once.

5. Getting help

Moving your possessions is hard work, try to get someone to help you out with it.

6. Be generous with tape

Use a lot of tape so your boxes won’t fold under pressure.

7. Stack carefully

If using cardboard boxes: Light boxes on top, heavy boxes on the bottom. You don’t want your items crushed.

8. Making clear paths

Make sure items such as the mattress, wardrobes and big boxes go first into the moving truck, so you will have a clear path for other items.

9. Stretch

Moving stuff around is hard work, stretch a little and warm up so your body won’t suffer.

10. Maintenance luggage

Pack luggage for a few days for your family members. Luggage should include hygiene products, cloths, etc.

11. Take pictures

You can save time and brain work by taking pictures of your tv or stereo setup wiring.

12. Wardrobe

Protect your clothes and pack them quickly by using Major Move’s new wardrobe boxes and bags.

13. Kitchenware

Major Move forgets nothing. Our Dish & Glassware boxes are specially designed to go from a cupboard to a box in no time, and you won’t even have to individually wrap anything. Exclusive to Major Move.

14. Double walls

Your fragile items should go in double wall boxes so they can really be safe.

15. Wrap electronics

Always wrap your electronic gear carefully and keep them neat and tidy. This will certainly avoid unwanted damage to them.

16. Extra cushion

Bubble wrap is a lot of fun, but it’s also the extra cushion your items need to arrive safely to their next destination.